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26 May 2015 rwer
1 Feb 2008 A Jazzy Journey
1 Feb 2008 The Talented Songstress
1 Jan 2008 Mia Finds Her Way
1 Jan 2008 The Instrumental Musician
17 Dec 2007 OLA! Mia Palencia's Back!!

Ola Everyone!

This is still not the letter with the bestest news you have been waiting patiently for but I promise you that it is given our TOP PRIORITY and we are sincerely hoping it will arrive before 31st December 2007. We're crossing our fingers, toes, hair, arms, legs, eyes, our entire all so you can imagine how it has been and still is. So, until the big announcement this is my take!

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14 Aug 2007 The Bedroom Musician Series in Kota Kinabalu

Hi to everyone,

On the 16th of August, Mia Palencia will be bringing to Kota Kinabalu her 6 sold out shows in KL called The Bedroom Musician Series. We are extremely excited as this marks our first road show outside the Klang Valley and it will be happening in our very own hometown.

To fulfil her promise of contributing to the development of music education in Malaysia, Mia Palencia and her fellow songwriter, Reza Salleh, will be giving a complimentary ...

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1 Aug 2007 Help Make Chris Palencia The Next DigiCelebriteen

Hi, my name is Chris Palencia and I need everyone's help. I am 13, good looking, talented and a singer/songwriter with a lot of potential! For now I need to get into the semi finals in the running of DiGiCelebriteen; it will certainly help me build my future upon it. You can check me out at www.digicelebriteen.com.

If you are a DiGi user, you will have the heart and time to spare, please type
DCT (space) CHRIS and send to 2000, every vote counts for me!

Your Sunburnt Monkey, Chris

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25 Jul 2007 Bedroom Musician Series

Hi Everyone,

Our Bedroom Musician Series Road Show, Part 1, will come to an end with a resonating echo this Sat, 28th July. We are very excited to feature OJ for the first time and to have Shanon Shah, an experienced singer/songwriter, both as our invited guests. We are also happy to recall Sad Angry Babies; and include into the finale with Mia, for the first time in our tribute, "The Franciscan Chicks". Yes girls, its happening!!!!!!!!

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20 Jul 2007 Bedroom Musician Series

Hey everyone,

After last week's rather successful bedroom series, I secretly said to myself: "Man, next week's musicians better be good because I am surrounded by some terrific local songwriters". I mean I was truly impressed with Najwa who wowed the audience, Reza Salleh was at his best, I was proud of Slunk, and Justin, Tom and Christine did a rebirth of a sound almost forgotten.

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12 Jul 2007 Bedroom Musician Series

Dear Everyone,

Last week's gig was a great start to our Bedroom Musician Series, it was a packed house and the people were great, they really came to listen. They also showed for enthusiasm and cheered our brave musicians along. Mia was our host and introduced all our new secret musicians who were so courageous.

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6 Jul 2007 Bedroom Musician Series

Hola Everyone!

7.07.07 is this Saturday and the girls are stepping out from their bedrooms to play. Our lovely Mia Palencia features, for the first time, Beautiful Stephanie, Soulful Lisa and Budding Aleysha...

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18 Jun 2007 Letter From Jen

Hi everyone,

We are so excited to inform you what's up for this coming Summer Jazz Series III. As a token of Mia and Roger's appreciation of your continuous support...

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23 Jan 2007 The Bedroom Musician Series

The Bedroom Musician Series is a music driven series made up of four collective categories. The categories are Pop/Folk, Jazz, Voices and Musical Comedy. At present, the running series of Pop/Folk category has already been launched and it is being hosted and under the clever control of Azzura, a new and upcoming master of ceremony. The main section consists of selected headliners who will play mostly original material with occasional covers as a tribute to their own respective aspiring songwriters. Mia Palencia and her kindred spirits are the current headliners for Pop/Folk; other categories are now undergoing auditions. The middle section will feature supporting acts that are carefully selected by the Bedroom Musician Series Committee. Headliners and supporting acts of songwriters and musicians may be recommended to perform at the up and coming Minstrel Musings Festival.

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17 Jan 2007 The Bedroom Musician Series
Come Out + Shout Wherever You Are!

  1. Mia Palencia is looking for aspiring musicians for her pop folk band “Minstrel Soldiers”
  2. Mia Palencia is looking for aspiring jazz musicians for a jazz band
  3. Mia Palencia is looking for bedroom musicians, songwriters, singers and comedians

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30 Dec 2006 Breaking News!
  1. Mia Palencia is looking for aspiring musicians for her pop folk band "Minstrel Soldiers"
  2. Mia Palencia is looking for aspiring jazz musicians for a jazz band
  3. Mia Palencia is looking for bedroom musicians, songwriters, singers and comedians

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Hola Friends and Fans,

Come and Share-A-Gift with Mia Palencia & The Fa La Las at the MPH Share-A...
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16 Nov 2006 Brabons Entertainment presents
The 1st Bedroom Musician Series

Featuring Mia Palencia & The Minstrel Soldiers together with songwriters from all types of bedrooms!

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This Christmas is special for Brabons Entertainment because the best Christmas Choir is about to be revealed. Mia Palencia, with the help of her family and friends, is going to impress Malaysians wit...
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1 Nov 2006 Mia Palencia performs at MPH Bookstores this November
Come and support Mia Palencia and her Minstrel Soldiers as she croons some of her songs taken fron her latest single, Sayang!

29 Sep 2006 Just Released - Mia Palencia's 1st Single
5 Aug 2006 Double Take Live at Johor Arts Festival

Just a note to our Johor Fans, Double Take will be in Johor for The 3rd Johor Arts Festival on 16th August 2006, Wednesday from 8.30pm to 10.30pm at Dewan Jubli Intan. Tickets are priced at RM38 ...
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5 Aug 2006 Madison Flynt, The Voice of Europe - Asian Tour
As you know, Brabons Entertainment is and has always been committed to you, music lovers and musicians. We are excited to share with you our current project which is promoting comradeship in music wi...
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5 Aug 2006 Mia Palencia and David Gomes in Swinging Down to Business Revisited

[ ...
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5 Aug 2006 Mia Palencia Sings the Llew Marsh Songbook

[ ...
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5 Aug 2006 Minstrel Musings: The 1st Kuala Lumpur International Songwriters Festival

Minstrel Musings' vision is to create a legacy dedicated particularly to Malaysian songwriters. It intends to do this by setting up an annual songwriters' festival where the best and brightest songwriters from around the planet can congregate to share, contribute and showcase their birth gifts. Minstrel Musings resonates in the belief that an annual festival of such a scale will give local songwriters' the golden opportunity to explore and expand their true potential together and alongside their future international counter parts. With global collaboration and international networking, the festival will evolve into a constant source of inspiration and comradeship in music.

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25 Jun 2006 Mia Palencia Vocals Workshop for Beginners

Saturday 1st July at RAM Studios, Damai Point, Kota Kinabalu.

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6 Mar 2006 Mia Palencia Begins 2006 in Fashion

Written and Hosted by Mia Palencia

A black blouse and chocolate cake ... dark, devilish and absolute...
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1 Mar 2006 Swinging Down to Business – A Mia Palencia Project
held on 25 April 2005 and proudly sponsored by Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar, has received four nominations for the 4th Annual Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2005 in the following categories:...
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9 Feb 2006 Valentine's 2006

Ladies & Gentlemen,

We're back, she's back, more fabulous, more powerful than ever before, jazz crooner of the new millenium, Mia Palencia with Eye 2 Eye Jazz Mix, ...
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1 Feb 2006 Spring is in the Air

As we enter the season of spring and 2005 gradually becomes but a string of memories, Brabons Entertainment and her faithful team are back and geared towards another year of power...
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1 Nov 2005 Kampungku with Mia Palencia
31 Oct 2005 Around the World in 80 Minutes

In this age of technology, everything can be done in the shortest amount of time. So when Jules Verne wrote about flying in a balloon in five weeks, we thought five weeks? Pah!

At Brabons E...
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30 Oct 2005 Christmas Album Launch

One Voice, Six Strings, Twelve Days of Christmas is due out on the 7th of November in Kota Kinabalu and the...
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30 Oct 2005 One Voice, Six Strings, Twelve Days of Christmas as Corporate Gifts
Order Double Take's latest Christmas album (to be launched on the 11th & 12th of November 2005) exclusively as corporate gifts.
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15 Oct 2005 Double Take "Made in Malaysia" Concert
Catch Double Take LIVE at Stadium Negara for one night only on the 11th of December 2005. Book your tickets now and together let's write Malaysian Music History!
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15 Oct 2005 Invitation to Make Malaysian History
Be a part of the Double Take "Made in Malaysia" Concert! Brabons Entertainment is inviting you to support us in this historic project. We're currently seeking a show of support through sponsorship, a collective community effort or even just plain, traditional patriotism.
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13 Oct 2005 Swinging Down To Business

The brainchild of Mia Palencia, Swinging Down to Business was essentially aimed at educating Malaysians about jazz singing...
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1 Oct 2005 MAKNA Ambassadress to the Urban Youth

Mia Palencia was appointed MAKNA Ambassadress to the Urban Youth of Malaysia on the 29th of September 2005. Mia's acceptance of this important appointment was considered seriously with the followin...
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