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Minstrel Musings: The 1st Kuala Lumpur International Songwriters Festival

Minstrel Musings' vision is to create a legacy dedicated particularly to Malaysian songwriters. It intends to do this by setting up an annual songwriters' festival where the best and brightest songwriters from around the planet can congregate to share, contribute and showcase their birth gifts. Minstrel Musings resonates in the belief that an annual festival of such a scale will give local songwriters' the golden opportunity to explore and expand their true potential together and alongside their future international counter parts. With global collaboration and international networking, the festival will evolve into a constant source of inspiration and comradeship in music.

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The festival also aspires to organise worthy activities such as visits of songwriters to children hospitals, homes of the elderly et cetera, music has the tremendous power to lift spirits, touch people’s lives and puts smiles on people’s faces. The festival will bring into the classrooms, a variety of music workshops and seminars.

As a legacy engages only the greatest of challenges; Minstrel Musings would essentially require building a solid foundation and structure in which to work on. In order for this to physically materialise, the call for total collaborative effort from businesses large and small, to courageously come forward and give complimentary and economical support through generous sponsorship or perhaps even by simply making donations. Minstrel Musings is seeking strategic partnerships with good corporate citizens.

This will elevate the festival to another pinnacle; a meaningful and realistic annual event becoming a contributing factor to the economic and cultural growth of Malaysia’s tourism industry. This bird’s eye view promises the eventuality of a wide diverse audience converging at the festival and experiencing the colours and drama of Malaysia’s culture. They get to bring home a taste of our local flavour, sounds of our music and most importantly our gracious hospitality.

Music lovers, people of the world, for the LOVE of music, let's meet at The 1st Annual Mia Palencia Songwriter's festival, come to Minstrels Musing! Let's bring a new note into music, let's bring new meaning to music, and let's bring hope to this meaningful project!

A platform of new beginnings with no end, join us at Minstrel Musings and breathe life into a living legacy. Selamat Datang!